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'Love of The Cross'


Carved from a single piece of sapele wood, I sought to encapsulate the essence of a deep and meaningful connection with faith.


Centred around the enduring cross, at its very core, the lovespoon embraces the symbolism of roots— a profound representation of a strong and mature faith firmly grounded in God.


As the roots ascend up the cross, they effortlessly transform into graceful vines, adorned with abundant fruit. These symbolize the fruitfulness that emerges from a vibrant and unwavering relationship with Jesus.


Imbued with timeless strength, the lovespoon features meticulously carved oak leaves. Just as the mighty oak stands resilient through life's trials, these leaves represent the unwavering strength that emanates from a steadfast walk with God.


The carved interlinking chains are purposefully broken to embody the transformative power of freedom in Christ. They serve as a poignant reminder that through our relationship with Him, we are liberated from the chains of doubt, fear, and our past.


The lovespoon's design comes alive with the presence of fire, wind, and a dove - symbolic embodiments of the Holy Spirit, and crowning the 'Love of The Cross'. 


Cariad Y Groes

  • Wood


  • Carving hours


  • Dimensions

    Spoon: (h) 53cm    (w) 19cm

Special Delivery included in price for UK. Please contact for international deliveries. 

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