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It is a great honour when someone asks me to create a bespoke Lovespoon for them. From the initial planning stage, where I get to sit down with a client and discuss the important milestones and memories that they would like to incorporate in a spoon, to the moment I hand it over, presenting them with a beautiful piece of art that will last generations.

You name it, I’ve carved it in a lovespoon: from an air traffic control tower where a couple first met, to Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge. From the rock formation of a special beach in Canada, to the propellers of an aeroplane to signify a grandfather’s life of travel. From the heads of dragons, to the heads of Staffies.

The only limitation is a person’s own story… and so far I haven’t found that limit.

If you are interested in a custom Love spoon, please get in contact using my ‘contact me’ page. I’d love to hear your story, and see how together we can use a simple block of wood to encapsulate it forever.

To get some inspiration, have a look at the lovespoon symbols on the history page. 

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