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Hand carved from one piece of ash, this is the most intricate and delicate Lovespoon I've made so far.

The 26 detached chain links, Celtic knot, Forget-Me-Not flowers and olive branches are all connected and bound together by two wooden wedding bands in the centre.


  • The chains represent an unboreable and relentless faithfulness; a symbol of desire and longing to be united as one for eternity.
  • The Celtic knot speaks of strength and of an intertwined, eternal love.
  • The flowers on one side and the olive branch on the other symbolises the coming together of two people, of two families; where two lineages offer all of their wealth of life, knowledge, heart and history to unite as a whole and become one.


This Lovespoon is a celebration of cariad, of love; so as it unfurls and holds in position, the spoon itself becomes the greatest emblem we have of devotion itself: 'The Calon'.


Display Case

Due to the incredible delicacy of the Lovespoon, it is encased in a secure display box.


  • Wood


  • Carving hours


  • Dimensions

    Spoon: (h) 32cm    (w) 25cm

    Case: (h) 42cm   (w) 35.5cm    (d) 7cm

Special Delivery included in price for UK. Please contact for international deliveries. 

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