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This was both a lot of fun and hard work to complete. It's one of the biggest spoons I have done to date and holds so much precious meaning within its design.


Hand carved from one piece of Walnut, the spoon was commissioned to celebrate the birth of a couple's first child. The dragon represents their love for Wales and its culture; it is also symbolises both parents, and their headship of their new family tree. Within the dragon itself, piano keys rung along its neck to represent a mutual passion for music.


The two bowls represent the coming together of two families, two lineages that are now bound by one ring - the union of marriage. Within the roots of these two families is a smaller Lovespoon, a brand new life: their new born son.


  • Wood


  • Carving Hours


  • Dimensions

    Spoon: (h) 40cm.

Special Delivery included in price for UK. Please contact for international deliveries. 

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