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This bespoke Lovespoon takes its inspiration from the Japanese practice of Kinysugi - 'golden repair'. Employing this beautiful method of restoring broken pottery by using lacquer mixed with powdered gold, it celebrates the spoon's history and conveys that there can be Beauty In The Broken.


Hand carved from one piece of solid sapele, I sanded, burnished and polished the spoon to completion. However, to have the impact I was looking for, I then broke it into a handful of pieces and proceeded to reassemble it, like a Jigsaw, using gold epoxy resin as the glue to hold it together. Once whole again, and for the second time, I sanded, burnished and polished it until it was restored once more to its whole state. Yet, restored to so much more; its story now evident in every golden seam.


I wanted the twisted, sharp thorns to represent past hurts, disappointments and dark times. Breaking them into pieces was a physical display of the emotions that come with abject brokenness. I then used the gold epoxy to piece them back together in order to convey that beauty and strength can be born out of the past; that hope can always burst forth from every challenge that life brings forth,


Display Case

Due to the incredible delicacy of the Lovespoon, it is encased in a secure display box.



  • Wood


  • Carving hours


  • Dimesions

    Spoon: (h) 30cm

    Display Case: (h) 36cm   (w) 18cm    (d) 6cm

Special Delivery included in price for UK. Please contact for international deliveries. 

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